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With all the tangible aspects of planning and building a horse farm like where to put the barn, how many stalls, where to put the manure pile, etc., power and water distribution is probably the single most overlooked aspect of horse farm planning. It is very difficult to think ahead two, three, or four years to where you might decide to put an extra loafing shed, or where you might want to divide your pastures in half with temporary fencing to keep horses out of the muddy areas, thereby necessitating an extra watering location. 

The one rule of thumb is OVERDO IT. While the ditch is open throw in extra wires. Allow for telephone, intercom, security system, closed circuit television to monitor a pregnant mare, etc. Put yard hydrants (freeze-proof water spigots that stand vertically about three feet out of the ground) in as many places as you may think you may ever have a need for them. It is much cheaper to do all this now, while the machinery and motivation is there. You will thank yourself later.


Where should I put water and power?

What type of wiring should I use?

What type of lighting & plugs would be safest for my barn?

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