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Doing it yourself...

If you choose not to hire a contractor to build your horse farm the rewards can be many, including lower cost, attention to detail, and increased satisfaction with the end result. This must be tempered, however, with the knowledge that what you are undertaking will not be easy, and you must be prepared for the inevitable headaches that come with being your own contractor. 

Usually, a general contractor is responsible for ensuring that the project meets your specifications, based on meetings with you to gather information that is in line with your end goals. Without a contractor, however, the burden is on you to make sure that every little detail is covered along the way. This can require a substantial amount of time on your part to handle properly, and a line of communication must be established between you and any other party you may hire to ensure that what they are doing is what you want them to do, always keeping in mind the end result. That having been said, being your own contractor can result in a facility that is exactly what you wanted in the first place, with no one to blame or credit but yourself. Your personality will dictate which direction you decide.


Is a contractor going to get better prices than I will be able to?

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