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Most of us have a dream of what our
barn will look like when it's finished. One of the most difficult parts of new construction or remodeling is translating that dream into a blueprint that a builder can understand, estimate and schedule. Proper planning is the key to constructing a cost effective building that is safe, easy to maintain with an efficient layout, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, fulfills the dream we had in mind. 

There are plenty of people who will tell you that they can build you a barn, whether or not they have ever built one before. Usually, after getting started, they realize there is a problem with things like post locations, exposed framing hardware, door sizes, water and power distribution, ventilation issues, concrete details, and more. It's not just a barn, it is the place your horse will call home, and care must be taken to ensure the
safest, most efficient building results. This can be done cost effectively, and all it takes is a little foresight instead of hindsight.
Just a sampling of things to consider:
  • What type of wall & roof construction is appropriate?
  • Siding choices when paddocks or runs are attached
  • Watering methods to stalls and paddocks
  • Feed storage and efficient distribution
  • Tack room layout
  • Lighting types and layouts
  • Aisle and stall flooring choices
  • Drainage for run-off, wash racks, tack rooms
  • Stall cleaning and manure disposal


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