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Access roads...

It is all too easy, when the time comes to actually start construction of a new facility, to forget about the importance of adequate access for trucks, heavy machinery, horse trailers, etc. It is difficult to anticipate why you might want to get a huge truck into an area that seems to only need access now, during the construction phase. This is where proper planning comes in. 

Take the time to draw up a sketch of what the end result would look like if you were to see it from the air, and how you would solve the problem of renovating a pasture with large equipment or how you would take out a tree that becomes a problem later on. These types of things are difficult to anticipate, but count on the need to address them at some point later, after all your fencing is done. Access is an important part of operating and maintaining a horse facility.


How wide should my roads be?

What type of gravel should I use?

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