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Can I make money boarding horses?

Yes, no and maybe are all potential answers to this question. The correct answer largely depends upon the cost of the land, the cost of the facility, and how much of that cost you are trying to offset. Boarding a couple of horses on your small, private facility can generate enough income to offset the cost of feeding your own horses, but probably won’t cover your mortgage payment. A large facility, 80 horses plus, may generate enough revenue to pay for itself. Many large commercial facilities rely on events to generate profit.

Start by putting together a sample spreadsheet itemizing income and expenses, trying several different scenarios with various numbers of horses. Research what is reasonable in your area to charge for board. This varies greatly by geographic location as well as by amenities and care offered at each facility. Expenses should include: feed, bedding, manure disposal, utilities (electricity, water, etc.), insurance, barn help and maintenance.

Operating a horse boarding facility requires a commitment on the owners part to the horse's and boarder's safety and overall satisfaction. This may require long hours, odd schedules and a lot of work to make sure everyone is doing their job. The number one reason that someone should consider getting into the business is for their love of horses and people. Money alone usually doesn't make the overall experience worthwhile.

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