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What is a loafing shed?


A loafing or run in shed is basically a small barn that is built inside a pasture or paddock area that enables the horses to get out of the rain or hot sun. It should be built with the same construction standards as a well made barn, because it will get just as much abuse, if not more. A loafing shed is usually in an area that does not get as much visitation from humans as the barn does, and therefore safe, sound construction is crucial. 

Gravel and rubber mats may be installed on the floor of the shed to create housing for visiting horses, or to use as an extra stall location when the barn is full. Since the location of a loafing or run in shed usually means that the horses will have access to all areas of the building, special care must be taken to insure that there are no sharp metal edges or objects that they can injure themselves on. For more about safety in paddock areas, see "How do I design a safe paddock?"

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