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Arena footing...

Whether you are building a small arena for your own personal use or a large commercial equestrian center, you will want to invest in the best possible footing. The proper footing helps to keep your horse sound and yourself safe, and will therefore keep you and your customers (boarders) happy. "Footing" is any surface prepared to withstand the pounding of a horse's hoof and the local climatic conditions without deteriorating to a rutted, slippery or unleveled surface.  This top riding surface can be anything from turf to wood chips to sand, with the best choice depending upon individual riding style and local materials availability. The base underneath the footing is an essential and often overlooked (or underestimated) ingredient in creating the ideal riding surface. The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) book titled "UnderFoot", which you can find on our "Recommended Resources" page, is an excellent guide to assist you in building a safe, long lasting, enjoyable arena.
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