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Where do I need utilities such as water & power?


Power and water should be run to the barn, of course, but take the time now to visualize how you will eventually be using your facility. Inevitably, most people find themselves saying "I wish I would have put a light there", or "Of course I need a water spigot here. What was I thinking?" Even things like loafing sheds (or run in sheds) and the round pen could benefit from light and water. Will you be watering the footing in the round pen? Do you live in a northern climate where it gets dark early in winter, right about the time you may want to clean out your loafing shed or go get the horses for the night? What about pathways, where right now you may think they will be used only during daylight hours, but eventually may bring in a boarder who can only show up and ride after 6 p.m.?

 Water and power locations are the most overlooked areas of planning a horse farm, simply because there are so many things in the here-and-now to consider, itís hard to really think ahead to what may happen in the future. The point is: overdo it, even if you think you're crazy for doing so. Chances are youíll be thanking yourself later.


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